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#79 RackAdaptor
#79 RackADAPTOR was designed as a permanent adaptor for gun racks that will not mount on many of todays newer model trucks. Because of the changes in window sealing, many truck rear windows and side windows of utility vehicles no longer have a gasket and will not allow the typical blade style gun rack to be inserted behind the seal. #79 RackADAPTOR contains #89 RackADAPTOR in combination with strips of 3M* automotive tape. By permanently attaching only the adaptor you can easily remove or install blade style gun racks in seconds whenever the need arises. NOTE: If you need to adapt a blade type gunrack to a sliding window you may only need the black plastic forms. If the gunrack does not fit snugly in the sliding track then you will need to use the 3M strips to permanently attach the plastic forms to the glass.

The #79 RackAdaptor is designed to work with E-Z Mount Models #100, #110 and #500 gunracks but will accommodate most blade type racks.

Special website price: $5.99